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Heena S. Patel, LMBT #4345

Your Pain Management & Muscular Rehabilitation Specialist

Welcome! And thank you for visiting.

Most likely you have found yourself here because you or someone you know suffers from stress, physical aches & pains or have managed to acquire an injury. Or perhaps all three, it happens.

Tension, fatigue/exhaustion, aches and pain are our body's way of alerting us that something is wrong, slow down or take a break. For minor cases of these symptoms, a little rest, relaxation and stretching can resolve the problem. For example, most of us have experienced a situation like falling asleep on the couch and waking up with tension and pain in the neck or shoulder. Many times the tension and pain will go away within a couple of days, usually alongside with not falling asleep on the couch again. Problem solved and no real damage done.

When these symptoms do not resolve on their own, become chronic and begin affecting our performance at work, daily activities and sleep, is when I believe it becomes a real problem and real damage to the tissue can occur. This is when Massage and Bodywork can play a key role in helping our body structurally correct itself and ultimately heal any damage done to the tissue causing pain and discomfort.

How can I help?

As a trained and experienced Medical and Sports Massage Therapist, I have found short cuts that help the body go into deep relaxation, find structural integrity and even speed up the healing process of injured tissue. Stress and both minor & major injuries causing pain can be alleviated or improved upon with Massage and Bodywork. Allow me to help you get relief now.

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More information will be added in the near future, so please check back soon. Until then, if you have any question and/or concerns please contact me at 336-971-3919.

Licensed Since 2003